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Fixing pins for securing Visqueen Zedex DPC Fixing strip. Visqueen Zedex DPC Fixing Pins are part of a 2-part system which includes the plastic strip and pins. The Fixing Pins are in 2 options, Masonry (concrete) or Insulation.

The Masonry Fixing Pins are suitable for blockwork, cast concrete etc and are a grey plastic fixing pin with a central nail. Hammering the central nail into the body of the fixing expands the fixing securing it in the drill hole.

Bond the vertical portion of the cavity tray to the inner leaf with Visqueen Zedex DPC Jointing Tape. Position the Visqueen Zedex DPC Fixing Strip approximately 5mm below the top edge of the cavity tray. At one end of the Fixing Strip, drill a 6mm diameter hole (through the DPC and tape) into the inner leaf of the cavity wall, to a depth of 55mm, using the hole in the Fixing Strip as a guide. Insert the Fixing Pin through the Fixing Strip into the drilled hole and secure in position by tapping the central nail into the body of the fixing using a flat faced hammer. The barbed portion of the Fixing Pin will expand securing the Fixing Strip and cavity tray in position. Repeat for each hole of the Fixing

Visqueen Zedex DPC Surface Fixing System Benefits

  • Secures DPC to cavity wall constructions
  • Masonry and insulation pin options
  • 2-part systems: plastic strip and pins


Colour: Grey
Quantity per box: 50
Boxes per pallet: 460
Quantity per pallet: 23,000

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