Wera 3950/9Hex-Plus Stainless 1 SB L-Key Set 9 piece

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Wera 3950/9Hex-Plus Stainless 1 SB L-Key 9 piece Set.

This Wera ground-breaking generation of Hex Keys has been developed to meet the needs from the ever increasing use of stainless steel in sport equipment, architecture, buildings, interior design and fittings as well as classic cars and motorbikes. With service life performance to match the best industrial quality conventional tools, these stainless tools will prevent corrosion to stainless fasteners and components through cross contamination of metals. They are also ideal for all normal applications.
The Hex-Plus® profiles are machined on for precision fit and allow 20% more torque to be delivered, dramatically reducing rounding out in the screw heads. Made from round bar, the key diameters are bigger than conventional keys and are more comfortable during use.

The Wera vacuum ice-hardening process gives the tool the required toughness and wear resistance for heavy-duty industrial applications.

This set is supplied in a button opening tool clip that holds the keys firmly, but allows easy tool selection.

Key Features of the Wera 3950/9Hex-Plus Stainless 1 SB L-Key 9 piece Set:

  • L-Keys: We questioned the classic L-key design, since all too often the screw head recess is rounded out, meaning screws can no longer be tightened or loosened - and so the user finds the L-key slipping out of the recess. Wera Hex-Plus tools have a larger contact surface in the screw head. The notching effects are reduced and thereby the deformation of the screws. At the same time, as much as 20 % more torque can be applied.
  • Stainless L-keys: Stainless L-keys are hardened to the same strength as conventional (carbon) steel tools, and prevent extraenous rust forming.
  • Vacuum ice-hardened: The stainless steel tools from Wera are vacuum ice-hardened and have the hardness and strength needed for screw connections. There are no limitations to the industrial applications they are suitable for.
  • Hex-Plus: Hexagon screws can endure a problem because the contact surfaces delivering the power from the conventional tool, is transferred to the screw via very small surface areas. The consequence: the screw can become damaged (rounding out). Hex-Plus tools have a greater contact surface that prevents this from happening! At the same time, as much as 20 % more torque can be applied. Good to know: Hex-Plus tools fit into every standard hexagon socket screw!
  • Ball tip: The spherical drive profile means that it is possible to swivel the axis of the tool to that of the screw, and therefore enable angled, "around-the-corner" screwdriving jobs.
  • Secure hold and easy removal: The wear-resistant clip material ensures that the L-keys are securely held yet are easy to remove.


Included in the Wera 3950/9Hex-Plus Stainless 1 SB L-Key Set 9 piece Set:

1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

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