Smart P32TNL1 Purple Series 32mm Deep Cut Bi-metal Blade - Pk 1

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Introducing SMART - A range of cost effective multi cutter saw blades and kits that provide you with blades to suit the most popular Multitools and Multicutters* including Fein, Bosch, DeWalt and Makita, with a high quality blade to suit every tool and every application.

Purple Series blades have not only been developed with extreme long-life for the perfect cutting performance in a wide range of timber and plastics, but the advanced purple Titanium Alloy technology coating drastically reduces friction, meaning these blades will last longer than other ordinary timber blades and outlast any other bi-metal blade when it comes to cutting nails, screws and other non-ferrous metals.

Smart P32TNL1 Purple Deep Cut 32mm Multi tool Blade Bi Metal

  • 32mm blade Deep Cut
  • Designed to give the very best, all round, long-life cut
  • The toothing has been designed to give a very good cut in timber
  • High grade Titanium coating to reduce the heat build up and protect the blade when cutting through nails, copper pipes and screws
  • By protecting the blade when cutting tougher materials, the sharpness of the tooth is maintained and you are not only able to cut through tougher metal than any other Bi-Metal blade, but also continue cutting timber, clean and fast, as you have not burnt out the teeth cutting through the nails/screws

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