Smart HR32RWL1 Trade 32mm Multi Tool Long Blade

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Introducing SMART - A range of cost effective multi cutter saw blades and kits that provide you with blades to suit the most popular Multitools and Multicutters* including Fein, Bosch, DeWalt and Makita, with a high quality blade to suit every tool and every application.

These blades include a quick release shank (standard OIS) that will fit most multi-tools.

The Award-winning Rapid Wood blades are now the best blade for all timber cutting! The new SMARTCUT design means these blades will cut faster, neater and deeper than any other wood blade! Great for cutting timber, hardwoods (oak), laminate flooring. The Rapid Wood blades have a curved tooth design for maximum precision when starting a cut! A new tooth style for a very fast, clean cut in timber! and an increased blade depth of 51mm to cut all the way through 2″ timber! Work SMARTer… not Harder!


  • SMART Trade Series multi-tool sawblade featuring a universal quick release system designed to fit virtually any multi-tool on the market including Fein, Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, Milwaukee etc
  • Award winning fast cutting blades for wood and plastics
  • Ideal for cutting timber, timber overlay, plastics, flooring & precision wood cutting up to 42mm deep
  • Excellent quality blade for trade use
  • For when you need to cut FAST, DEEP and PRECISE!

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