DFR550Z Autofeed S/D NAKED


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Models DFR550 and DFR750 have been developed as the advanced models of Model BFR440, featuring higher durability. These models feature a more reliable casing attachment.

Battery Type   Lithium-ion
Battery Quantity (3.0 Ah)  0
Body only machine  Yes
Voltage 18 v
Drywall screw 55 mm
Max dry wall screw 4mm x 55mm
Screw Size Range 25 to 55 mm
Noise sound pressure  78 dB(A)
Noise K factor  3 dB(A)
No Load Speed 4000 rpm
Vibration K factor  1.5 m/sec²
Vibration no load  2.5 m/sec²
Net weight  2.1 - 3.1 kg

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