Paslode 142200 25mm HDGV Ring Coil Nails for IM45GN (1000 Pack with 1 Gas Fuel Cell)

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Nail Fuel Pack for IM45

Length : 25mm

Paslode 25mm HDGV Ring Coil Nails for IM45 (1000pk)

This Paslode 25mm coil nail fuel pack is suitable for use with the IM45 GN coil nailer. The pack includes 1,000 nails and 1 gas fuel cell. The nails are for steel to timber fixing and are suitable for outdoor use.

Technical Spec.

  • Length: 25mm
  • Diameter: 2.8mm
  • Shank: Ring
  • Head style: Smooth
  • Finish: Hot dipped galvanised (HDGV), stainless steel
  • Collation: GN coil nails
  • Quantity: 1,000
  • Fuel cells: 1
  • For tools: IM45 GN
  • Intended use: Steel to timber
  • Service class: 3 (outdoor use)
  • Part no: 142200

Key Features of Paslode Coil Nails

  • Unique full head design offers optimum performance and the best quality finish
  • Best collation in class: no material is trapped under the head, providing the highest quality fixing
  • Safe system: Paslode's 0° system eliminates wire flagging and stinging debris
  • High load capacity: work for longer without having to reload

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