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The electromechanical Briton 2130B.TE closer houses an electromagnet in the slide track that is designed to hold the door open during normal use and is connected to the building fire alarm system. On sounding the fire alarm, or in the event of power failure, the electromagnet is deactivated and releases the door closer mechanism to close the door in the normal controlled manner.

It is particularly suited for use in areas where a standard door closer could be inconvenient or would impede the flow of people in medium or high traffic applications such as a cinema foyer or hospital corridor. The use of electromagnetic hold-open door controls is recommended in applications which are designed to meet the levels of accessibility called for in Approved Document M Access to and use of buildings.


  • Cast iron (2130)  providing high levels of durability and long life performance
  • Hardened steel rack & pinion mechanism with needle roller bearings for exceptionally smooth and efficient operation and high levels of durability
  • Silicon chrome alloy steel springs for superior strength and reliability.
  • High quality hydraulic fluid with built-in temperature compensation ensures reliable performance without the need for seasonal adjustment
  • Pre-assembled arm and bracket simplifies assembly, increasing speed and accuracy of installation
  • Quick release arm allows the closer to be disconnected and reconnected without altering the arm geometry.
  • It also allows the bracket to be fixed without being under tension from the closer
  • Unique self-adhesive ‘Accufit’ installation template and mounting plate with dowel fixings to position the closer body ensures a quick, simple and accurate installation.
  • 3 all over cover options conceal all fixings and adjustment screws to prevent tampering
  • Cover options in a range of architectural finishes with matching armset
  • Bracket and armset suitable for mounting in Fig.1, Fig.61 and Fig.66s standard (projecting armset variants)

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