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The Briton 1100 Series is designed to provide a mid-range product with a choice of the most popular options, in a concise, cost-effective package.

The Briton 1100 Series is a simple system which comprises 3 body sizes, each available as standard with a slide-in trimplate or with optional Classic square or Softline all-over covers.


  • Cast aluminium body
  • Precision needle roller bearings allied with rack and pinion mechanism provides efficient operation and high levels of durability.
  • High quality silicon chrome alloy steel used for the coil spring.
  • High quality hydraulic fluid with built-in temperature compensation ensures reliable performance without the need for seasonal adjustment
  • Screw thread armset manufactured from forged steel for additional strength and durability supplied for all trimplate variants.
  • Simple flat arm and bracket set for all-over cover variants
  • Available with snap joint arm for quick and easy installation and future maintenance.
  • All-over cover option to conceal all fixings and adjustment screws providing a neat appearance and reducing the risk of vandalism and tampering.
  • Available in classic square or rounded softline variants.
  • Trimplate option is a simple and cost effective means of concealing fixing and adjustment screws reducing the risk of vandalism and tampering.

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