Belle GPX2700 2.7Kva / 2.2 KW Stackable Generator Honda Engine (PETROL)

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Altrad Belle GPX 2700 2.7kVA Generator - Petrol

The Belle GPX 2700 is a compact petrol-powered 2.7kVA open set generator with a robust, stackable protective frame and a high-quality, heavy-duty NSM alternator and selectable 110V and 230V supplies with system breakers.

It is designed to provide reliable power in the harshest conditions and withstand the rigours of heavy site and rental use.

It features a protective belly plate which also aids use on soft ground and is equipped with a reliable 3.3kW Honda GX200 petrol engine, complete with recoil start and low engine oil cut-off. It also has over-sized 4-point Anti-Vibration mounts.

The GPX 2700 is supplied with the following socket arrangement:

1 x 16Amp 110V Socket
1 x 16Amp 230V Socket

GPX 2700 - 4.3Hp/3.3kW. 2.7kVA. Rating @ 0.8 p/f. 2.2kW PRP Rating. 2.0kW Continuous Rating. 46kg*.

The engine and alternator of the GPX 2700 are protected from physical damage without compromising accessibility to service points. All electrics have full overload protection and are housed in a protective steel enclosure, with protruding durable screw-in sockets.

A single voltage 110V-only version of the GPX 2700 (55V - 0 - 55V) with dual pole system breakers which is suitable for Tin 12 fusion welding applications is also available (GPX 2700 CTE)

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