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Visqueen Axiom UniSeal is a two component system both supplied in the same tin with an overall product weight of 15.6kg.

The first component (Part A) is a bitumen-extended polyurethane fluid (15kg).

The second component (Part B) is an accelerator hardener (0.6kg).

Features & benefits

  • Agrement certifed - third party accreditation
  • Type A Barrier Membrane (Tanking Membrane) - resistant to ground water in accordance with BS 8102:2009
  • Tough rubber like cure - perfect for detailing irregular profiles and penetrations
  • Multiple applications - ideal for waterproofing blockwork and brickwork masonry substrates
  • Unique curing properties - creates a fillet in just one pass, with no complicated build-ups
  • Barrier properties - radon resistant

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