Bahco 100piece Colour Bit Set 59/S100BC

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  • 1/4" hex drive DIN 3126 and ISO 1173, style C 6.3
  • For slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, hexagonal, TORX® tamper screws
  • Includes 100 pieces: 97 bits + 1 magnetic universal bit holder KM653 + 1 magnetic quick release bit holder KM653-QR + 1 socket adaptor 1/4"
  • 25 mm:
  • Slotted bits: 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm
  • Phillips bits: PH1x2, PH2x9, PH3, PH2Gx5
  • Pozidriv bits: PZ1x2, PZ2x9, PZ3
  • TORX® bits: T10 x3, T15 x5, T20 x15, T25 x8, T27, T30 x15, T40 x3
  • TORX® tamper-resistant bits: TR10, TR15, TR20, TR25, TR30
  • Hexagon bits: HEX3, HEX4x3, HEX5, HEX6x3, HEX8
  • Robertson bits: #1, #2
  • For universal use
  • High performance alloy steel
  • Sand blasting + antirust oil
  • 1/4" square socket adaptor, ball type for regular nut driver socket (style C 6.3)
  • Universal bit holder with strong magnet (style E 6.3)
  • Magnetic quick release bit holder with lock in type system (style E 6.3)
  • Robust and tough bits
  • TORX® bits are coloured to easy identify the size of the tip
  • The box is robust, tough and durable and gives a very good protection of the bits

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