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This traditional style spade is solid forged from one piece to give strength and durability in the garden.

Available with a wood "T" or "D" shaped handle grip, or a metal & plastic "D" shaped handle grip.

Designed for digging in unprepared ground in preparation for the planting of new plants, seeds and vegetables.

Treads are welded onto the top edge of the spade, protecting the shoes and reduces risk of slipping in damp conditions.

Bulldog Product Features:
  • Ash handle used for strength & durability
  • Handle length 28" (711mm)
  • Made With American & German FSC Ash
  • Flat treaded blade
  • Forged in Britain
  • Head size 11.5" x 7.5" (290 x 190mm)
  • Overall length 39.5" (100mm)
Part No: BUL5610012850 ( 28" )

Handle Shape  YD Shape Handle
Shaft Material  Ash
Shaft Length 28" (711mm)
Head Length 290mm
Head Width 190mm

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